Before you toss, donate, or give away your possessions, consider the following:

When faced with the task of cleaning out a family member's house or preparing for a move, it is natural to start with filling trash bags or making trips to the local charity. If you are considering an estate sale, this may harm the success of your sale.

Before you do anything.....CALL US! We know market trends and what is desirable to buyers today. We are happy to visit your home for a free consultation and to provide guidance. If your home doesn't have enough for a traditional sale, we will tell you. If you have a few desirable items we can find buyers for, we will tell you. If you truly need to hire a dumpster or a cleaning crew, we will tell you. If your realtor is telling you to purge and declutter to get your house on the market, we can advise you how to edit and store your items for a successful future sale.

Most importantly, allow enough time prior to putting your home on the market or your closing date for a successful sale. This means contacting us at the same time you contact your realtor, or at least 4-8 weeks before you need a sale. We usually begin set-up 2 to 3 weeks prior to the sale date to allow ample time for marketing the sale.

What you can do now to prepare for a sale:

  • remove, shred, discard personal papers & records

  • box up and remove or isolate in one area any items you plan to keep

  • if extended family is involved, plan a day for them to visit and remove anything they are keeping, preferably before our consultation

  • then walk away and leave the sorting and discarding of everything else to us!


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